ARC Provided Maintenance Service to a Famous Printing Products Manufacturer


ARC recently completed an oven maintenance project to a well-known printing product manufacturer. The problem with their gas-fired oven is that the burner in second and third zone did not work. The failure of the oven has led  to continuous production break.

After pre-investigation with customer over the phone, ARC sent an experienced service engineer to job site immediately. With one-day systematic check and comprehensive review with customer, ARC was able to find out the failure reason and provided customer a professional service report.

Afterwards customer replaced the fault components then redo the machine start-up to get the oven back to normal.

Customer spoke highly of the service quality that ARC offers, and they thank for ARC’s instant service which has retrieved their loss a lot. 

Besides the service for equipment maintenance, ARC can also design a new oven/washer system per your requirement or specifications. You can call 24-hour hot line at +86 189 8850 3951.



ARC PACIFIC is a leading industrial equipment manufacturing group, with 2 plants in China, & Thailand and Headquarters in USA. Based on its years of experience, ARC PACIFIC turns advanced technology reliable industrial equipment such as industrial ovens, industrial washers, RTO and sophisticated conveying systems etc.

Experience in designing and manufacturing customized thermal process system, ARC PACIFIC has served a lot of well-known composite manufacturing companies worldwide.  ARC Pacific’s customers benefit by continuously improving their production efficiency and by reducing their energy consumption.

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