ARC Pioneering Energy Saving Solution for The Metal Packaging Industry


ARC received warm welcome from the visitors in Asia CanTech 2022 in Bangkok. During the conference, Mr. Ulf Reinhardt, chairman of ARC PACIFIC, addressed the presentation of ARC PIONEERING ENERGY SAVING SOLUTION, in which we presented the most advanced energy saving technologies integrated in the can washer, pin oven, IBO and RTO as ONE SYSTEM.


With years’ experience of two piece can making, ARC identifies three major levels for energy saving potentials. First, we have implemented a multitude design changes for each machine type that make the equipment more energy efficient. Second, we added intelligent functions to the equipment, which enables the machine automatically adapts the actual production scenario to achieve maximum savings. Third, to use multiple level of heat recovering from existing can making process.


Furthermore, we are able to prove the energy saving, which help the can makers to quantify exactly how much savings they can achieve in given period of operation. We are convinced that our energy saving technologies can benefits the can-makers by further reducing the energy cost and CO2 emissions in the coming future.


Please do not hesitate to contact us and explore more details in ARC PIONEERING ENERGY SAVING SOLUTION.