Clean Air Wicket Oven shipped to a Well-known Decorative Manufacturer


Foshan ARC received an order from a decorative trim manufacturer and has now completed the Manufacturing for this oven. This machine is expected to be installed in July 2017. With years of experience in designing and manufacturing clean air oven, ARC has built dozens of similar ovens for this type of application and served serval leading companies in decorative metal industry.

ARC clean AIR-heat oven is a state-of-the-art heat processing system for curing inks and coatings on automotive decorative trim.  This oven is designed for many different processes, such as prime coating, silk screening, top-coating etc.

Challenges for the oven design:

This oven needs to:

·        accurately achieve different curing temperature profiles

·        Minimize the contamination that could otherwise deposit on the customers product

·        Reduce energy consumption



Special features of ARC Clean-heat oven

·        Three heating zones

·        Thermal transition zone

·        Chilled Cooler


·        Provides highest possible product quality

·        Minimizes rejection rates

·        Lowers energy usage

·        Minimizes saving operating cost.