Can Washer & Dry-Off Oven

Intended Use of Can Washer & Dry-Off Oven

>To remove oil and finish surface treatment before the cans are coated.
>Maximum design capacity up to 6,000 cpm.


The Can Washer is to clean and finish surface treatment for the cans.

ARC’s Can washers can handle the cans from several hundred to 6,000 cans per minute, with proven multiple process for food & beverage can industry.

Besides the energy saving features that has been developed for the  can washer itself, ARC’s washer is also able to be integrated with the heat recovery system that utilizes hot exhaust hot air from the RTO (Regenerated Thermal Oxidizer).



Stand-by Mode
All Direct Driven Fans
Pump Skids for Easy Access
Water Vacuum System on Dry-off Oven
“On-demand” exhaust air volume control to maximize energy saving
Fast Change Over Design on Hold Down and Vacuum Transfer
Local Service Support Available


One total set of Spare Risers & Nozzles
Manhole at backside of washer
Coalescer for Stage 1 and 2
Quick Height Adjustment for hold-downs
Quick Height Adjustment for Vacuum Transfer